The (Self-) Righteous Cop

Attempted TV-Interview With
Former Phoenix Police Detective
Armando Saldate, Jr.

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The more work of supporters of Debra Milke, her legal team, investigators, concerned citizens, family and the webmaster of this website have unfolded the background of the major player of this conviction, former Phoenix police detective ARMANDO SALDATE,Jr. [his interrogation technique, conflicting testimonies he has made, leading statements which manipulated witnesses and lies that have been proven] the more interest increased as to what the man has to say about this case himself. Everyone is entitled to privacy - the same is true with MR. SALDATE.

Jury members usually wish to justify their decision, and the same is true with police about confessions they've acquired. The normal demeanor of a police representative is to state his/her belief that the criminal person arrested committed a crime and that justice has been done.

It has left a lot of questions and doubts why ARMANDO SALDATE, after claiming he had accomplished a confession of Debra Milke, has only stated this in front of the media after her arrest and during the trial phase, but he never would discuss the details pertaining the coherencies with anyone else. Over the years journalists have contacted him, but he always refused to answer any questions about the case. Why?

On May 2, 2001 a TV crew - interested to learn about ARMANDO SALDATE'S reactions when asked about Debra Milke - introduced themselves and commenced the conversation with questions about his current professional duties and activities as a constable. When confronted with The Debra Jean Milke Case and upon the question why he elected to not tape-record his interview with her, his demeanor suddenly changed and he quickly ceased the interview and ordered the TV team "out of his home"!

Saldate is relaxed and talks about his job SALDATE invited the TV crew into his home, where he gave the interview sitting at his dining table. He appeared to be relaxed and talked about his job as a constable ...
A: ... service and judgements ...
... a state of cluelessness Q: Why don't you give interviews about the case of Debra Milke?
A: I'm not gonna talk about this.
Saldate notices he is trapped Q: Why are you not going to talk about this confession?
(SALDATE is suddenly aware that THIS was the main issue for the interview)
A: Mam, we're going to end this now. I'm going to end the interview. Okay?
Saldate points at the camera man, then to the door (At first Saldate points to the camera man, to make him shut off his camera, then he points to the door. He's getting excited.)
Q: Why don't you talk about it?
A: Thank you.
Saldate getting up immediately (He gets up in an immediate move ...)
A: Okay ...
(while going)
Saldate goes to the door (The reporter, Nicole Kosic, is stunned, then continues asking...)
Q: Can you tell me, why you didn't record the interview?
(... and then, after two, three seconds...)
Mister Saldate?
(Saldate goes fast towards the door)
A: Please, leave my home!!!
He is obviously angry and expects Mrs. Kosic and her team to leave immediately Q: Mr. Saldate, why didn't you record the interview?
(SALDATE opened the door, pushed Mrs. Kosic and the cameraman through it and slams the door)
Q: Mr. Saldate ...
(Silence !)
... why don't you talk to us about this?

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The Debra Jean Milke Case

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