Mark Milke

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DR #
DECEMBER 21, 1989 12:58 PM
W/M, 6-20-61
4243 W. Morten, 937-8872
Self employed carpet layer

On 12-20-89 at approximately 1035 hrs, I contacted MARK MILKE at 620 W. Washington. The purpose of my contact was to interview him in regards to this death investigation. The following is a paraphrased account of his interview.

MARK first described his relationship with his ex-wife DEBRA and said that their main problem was the visitation of their son CHRIS. MARK admitted that he abused drugs and alcohol but he said that during that time DEBRA was also using alcohol and abusing drugs.

MARK said that he was upset about reading in the newspaper that she did not want to give custody of CHRIS to him. He said that shortly before going to prison, which he said was in September of 1988, he had CHRIS for approximately 3 months while he was living with DEBRA's sister. He said in his divorce decree, visitation was limited to 3 to 5 hours a week under the supervision of DEBRA or someone else that was designated by DEBRA. He said that his visitation usually consisted of an entire day and that no one was ever designated to supervise the visitation.

MARK then began telling me about an incident that occurred the Saturday before Thanksgiving. He said that he had taken CHRIS that morning and bad gone to several locations including the park with CHRIS. He said they went to lunch at his girlfriend's home and that he then took him to the Fiesta Mall to buy him the Levis which he believes he was found in. MARK said he hurried through the mall because he was late and said that he had directions from DEBRA that he had to bring CHRIS back by 6 PM. MARK said that DEBRA had told him that she had something important to talk to him about and that it was in regards to CHRIS. She said that she was going to also buy him dinner at Carlos O'Briens and that she had made reservations for 6 PM.

MARK said when he arrived at DEBRA's apartment that JIM STYERS was the only person present. JIM then told him that DEBRA had called and said that she had to work late but that she had changed the dinner reservations for 8 PM. JIM then asked him if he had a little time to killl that his buddy ROGER was stranded in the area of 99 Avenue and Happy Valley Road and that he needed his socket set to work on the car. MARK said he agreed to take JIM out to area and that he and CHRIS got into the front seat while JIM STYERS sat in the back.

MARK said that he drove to the area of 99 Avenue and Happy Valley Road and that JIM told him that he ought to be looking for a white car. MARK said that they drove up and down 99 Avenue near Happy Valley Road but could not find the white car. MARK said he suggested to JIM that they stop at the Oasis Bar on 99 Avenue and use the phone. When they stopped at the bar, MARK said he went inside and used the bathroom and he assumed that JIM used the phone. When MARK returned to the car, JIM told him that he had called ROGER and that ROGER had made it home. JIM also told him that he called DEBRA and that DEBRA was already at home waiting for them. He said JIM said he had to take CHRIS to the bathroom and a short time later, they returned to the car and they drove back to DEBRA's apartment.

MARK said when he got back to the apartment, DEBRA told him that he had called several people in his family, wanting to know where he had taken CHRIS. MARK said he couldn't understand this reaction by her because it was her that had said she was going to be late from work. MARK said he now believes that this was her way to cover for herself because she thought that MARK and CHRIS would probably not return and he believes that JIM took them to that area to kill them both.

MARK said that during the time that he and DEBRA were discussing where they had been, JIM STYERS came into the room and appeared to be excited. He then asked him if he had removed his gun from underneath the seat and MARK told him that he had not. MARK then told JIM that he didn't even know JIM had taken a gun out with them and he said that he did not like guns around his son CHRIS. JIM then told him that he had placed it under the seat and that it was not there now. MARK suggested to him that he ought to look further underneath the seat because it may have rolled towards the front. After a few minutes, JIM came back into the room and had what MARK described as a small .22 or .25 caliber weapon which he said was blue steel with a brown grip. MARK said he only caught a glimpse of the gun while JIM was holding it.

Shortly after the argument with DEBRA, he asked DEBRA if she was still going to take him out to dinner and DEBRA told him that she would. He then took DEBRA to a bank to use the automatic teller where she removed $40 and then took them to Carlos O'Briens where they had dinner.

MARK finally described DEBRA as a type of person who would seek out people's weak points and then thrive on them to get what she wanted. She (sic) described DEBRA as being a very selfish greedy and manipulative person. At approximately 1210 hrs, I terminated my interview with MARK.

Investigation Continuing.

Mark Milke
Mark Milke (1998)

The Debra Jean Milke Case

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