Letters Mailed Between Jim Styers
and Debra

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Shortly after Debra, JIM STYERS, and ROGER SCOTT were arrested, STYERS began to write to Debra in jail. She asked the defense investigator, KIRK FOWLER, for advice whether to respond to JIM. FOWLER suggested that she reply to STYERS' in order to find out from him the true events which surrounded the murder of CHRISTOPHER. Debra provided her defense attorney, KENNETH RAY, with these letters. Later on, as a part of the available records, the prosecution tried to use these letters, but Judge Hendrix ruled that effort out. Still, many people cite these letters as 'evidence' for guilt and even former Phoenix Police Detective ARMANDO SALDATE claimed to Debra's sister SANDY PICKINPAUGH: "And Jim is responding to her as if she didn't know what was happening. In reading these letters you can see it is a setup." And he continued: "... one of the letters we don't have she's telling him a couple of things like (inaudible) - when we get out of here - when I get out here we could be together ..." which is rather amusing, to discuss the contents of a letter that he didn't have - SALDATE was using 'evidence' that didn't even exist to make Debra look guilty to her family and everyone else. SALDATE referred to it as some sort of a "secret language", which is has nowhere been corroborated in any way whatsoever.

Anyhow, these letters are no big secret and they shouldn't be - therefore we publish them here on this website for our visitors to read. If anyone wants to see a hint of anything in them, so be it. Other than that, the plain content of these letters from JIM STYERS emphasized what could be established with the analysis of the many legal documents already available: Debra was arrested and put into prison without any evidence linking her to the murder of her son. By writing to JIM she intended to find out what had happened, and it's hardly believable that non-proof could be twisted and become proof. The letters displayed on this page are all which are still available. The two letters which Debra wrote are the only ones she sent through her defense team, which copied them for the file. Unfortunately, other than these, no other letters are available in the entire file. The correspondence between the Maricopa County Attorney's Office and the office of the public defender indicated that JIM STYERS destroyed all the other letters, after he had learned that Debra forwarded his mail to her attorney KEN RAY.

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"Well Debra,

I don't know about writing to you, I don't know if you will ever get this.

Debra I lost a friend with Roger. I can't believe what has gone on, what he did and the lies he's telling, well talk about that when we get out of this mess. I pray that you will forgive me for bringing him into your life.

I had a dream last night that you would consider a night-mare but I consider it the best dream I have ever had.

Anyway Debbie I need to know more now than any other time that you are still a friend. I have to stop now, I hope you will write back to me.

Love you, Jim"

Jim Styers
Jim Styers


"Dear Debbie,

Honey, I just found out what happened to you and you don't know how bad that makes me feel. I hope you know that I had nothing to do with you being in jail. You had nothing to do with what went on.

How are you doing and forgive me for not asking in the 1st letter but I wasn't thinking clearly when I wrote it. Hell Im having a hard time now between crying and feeling so bad.

I found out something tonite that I have to work with. And that is that I love you more than I thought I did. I know I will never have you as a lover I can live with that but losing you as a friend would hurt me more than I can take.

Comment: This confession of JIM STYERS to Debra about his love for her later on created a platform for Detective Saldate to claim Debra was a highly manipulative person and "SHE SAID THAT FOR THE MOST PART, SHE WAS GETTING JIM TO DO EVERYTHING FOR HER". Later on various witnesses indeed testified that STYERS must have had a romantic interest in Debra, but that she was not interested at all. On this point, it should be remembered that Debra was involved with ERNIE SWEAT, but still hadn't hasn't gotten completely over her ex-husband, MARK MILKE.

How are things going with you and your lawer (sic). My lawer (sic) hell I've talked to my lawer (sic) 2 times since this got going (?). We are not to talk about this mess anyway so I better stop.

I got a pretrial conference and filing on Jan. 22 at 8:45 a.m.. And my trial is on March 5 at 10:30 a.m. I'm told by some people that the dates will change! How about you?

(Please forgive me my spelling and I don't have a dictionary in hear (sic).)

Going to stop now and I pray this will be over soon.

Love you, Jim

P.S.: I hope you got my 1st letter. I haven't got it back."


"Dear Debbie,

I don't understand why I haven't got any mail from you. I hope it's because you ar (sic) not able to write, and not because you don't want to. If you don't want to heer (sic) from me write back and let me know.

I know about your family and what they did. I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do about that except to say I will never do that to you. But I feel like you are doing that to me, I hope I'm wrong?

Comment: What STYERS referred to is the abandonment of her family that Debra suffered shortly after her arrest. And indeed, this is a dark spot in the family history and how everyone dealt with Debra being in jail and allegedly involved in the murder of her son. Records exist in which Debra's mother, RENATE JANKA, as well as her sister SANDRA PICKINPAUGH elaborated about this point. If you look up the letter STYERS wrote on 01/30 it is said: "Your Dad said to give it all to goodwill just to get rid of it." This shows the mindset of Debra's natural father, RICHARD 'SAM' SADEIK, and his loving fatherly bond to his daughter at that time.

Debbie, hears (sic) my address again so please write.

Jim Styers #169XXX
P.O. Box 4367 XX-X
Phx. Az. 85XXX

Please write, love you, Jim"

01/04/1990 (Debra's reply):

Jim -
I have received your letters and I'm not ignoring you. I am just confused and angry about all that has happened. I feel nothing but contempt for Roger. It's not your fault that you brought Roger into my life. He was a friend of yours. I always thought Roger was weird but I had no idea he was capable of doing what he did. Jim - I have known you for 3 years and I do not believe that you would ever do anything like this to hurt me. I know how you felt about Christopher. Roger, on the other hand, did not like me and especially Christopher.

Comment: This statement is completely consistent with the story told by GAIL LIPSHULTZ, STYERS' former girlfriend. In her interview GAIL said about ROGER SCOTT : "He'd sometimes make comments like : 'Boy, I wish you'd fall down the stairs.'"
I never imagined myself in jail. I never got into trouble before and now this. My whole life is at stake. I miss my son very much and nothing or anyone will ever bring him back. I miss my work and my friends. As far as my family - well, that's typical. They have never stood by me and never will. I'm sure you heard that through Sandy. I honestly believe that Roger was behind all of this and just implicated you and me. I can't go on anymore because it upsets me tremendously. I am sick about the whole thing.
Comment: At that time Debra wasn't even aware of how she was portrayed to the public. She still had no idea of what the media led everyone believe. SALDATE'S claim it was 'obvious this was a setup' is complete nonsense and points to his bias and ignorance.
If you want to continue to write, it is fine with me. I pray to God this will end and I can go on with my life.




I got you (sic) letter today and I'm glad your not ignoring me, it's the best news I've got since I've bean (sic) in jail.

Debbie - I'm totally confused myself. They want my life for this and I didn't do anything. Roger did it and he's still trying to do the two of us in. I pray to God that this will end soon and that you and I can try to rebuild are (sic) lives and I pray that we will stay friends through it all.

I have to stop I'm getting upset. And I thought your family would have been different for something so important. I'm sorry I was wrong.


01/18/1990 (Debra's reply):

Jim -
Thanks for answering my letter. I found out that you authorized your sister to clean out the apartment. I hope she doesn't make herself comfortable to my things. I don't want the little things I have to disappear. Next time you talk to her, please ask her to not go through my boxes. I really don't want my things lost. I have been going through some heavy counseling here. I have so many mixed emotions and it's very hard to maintain myself. All I want to know Jim is what happened. When you left that morning I thought you were going to the mall with Christopher. When and how did Roger get into the picture? I found out that you went to Roger's house and then took him to get a prescription filled and then out for pizza. Why didn't you tell me that? If Roger is responsible for this - then how did he do it alone? What kind of transportation did he use and how did Chris get away from you? Is there any way that Mark was involved in this? I know how you feel about me and that's alright. If you really love me then please tell me what happened.

My son is gone and I'll never see him again! Ever! I don't even know if Christopher suffered. Did he know what was going to happen to him? Did he scream for me? Can you imagine how I must feel? What if it was Wendy?

Please Jim - Christopher was my child! All I want to know is why! Anything you can tell me would help ease my pain. I am still your friend Jim. There is a reason for everything that happens and maybe you can help me. Have you had any contact with Roger? If so, what does he tell you? I really need to know Jim, I can't sleep at night and I have nightmares. My life will never be the same again without my son. Please write back and tell me everything you know. I just want this to be over.


Comment: These pain-filled words and questions of Debra - presumed innocent - are very understandable to every observer with an open head and heat. It's hard to believe - but unfortunately true - that the jury foreman ERIC C. JOHNSON stated in an interview:
- "... The letters going back and forth between her and, uhm, and, uhm - was it JAMES STYERS?"
- "Uhm, you know, it just didn't seem right that a woman who just had her son killed by this man supposedly, ah, would be writing letters to him, asking what's going on. Ahm, we didn't think it was right, ah, ... you know, it just didn't make any sense ..."

It makes perfect sense that Debra wanted to know WHY she was in jail. It also makes perfect sense that she wanted to find out what had happened to her son, Christopher. Only the "backward attitude" in Arizona and the lack of explanations about the letters at trial can explain JOHNSON'S attitude towards this correspondence. But his phrase "who had her son killed" reveals that JOHNSON regarded Debra guilty from early on. It proves the prejudiced attitude.

01/22/1990 :

"Dear Debbie,

Had my pretrial conference today. Going to have another on Feb. 26. My lawer (sic) wants to change my trial date he says he wants it as soon as possible but not on March 5. He also, and so do I, want the trial out of Phoenix, he's going to try for Prescott. Theirs (sic) been to (sic) much news publicity in Phoenix. I have to go for a chapter 11, did you go for yours yet? Do you think we are "crazy"? Ha?

Roger was in court today also. He tryed (sic) to get a new lawer but the judge said no. My lawer tells me that the best Roger can get if he is lucky is life. With life you become eligible for parole in 25 years.

Debbie, did you have money on the books? Let me know I want to try to put some _________.

Debbie do you think that I did this. Because I did not. I could never do anything to Christopher or to you. Roger did it behind my back.

I miss my family, Wendi the most, and friends. I miss Christopher and Wendi and I playing and taking and picking you up at work. I have to stop now I'm getting upset.

Please write, love you, Jim"


"Dear Debbie,

About your things, yes my sister knows what is yours. Your Dad said to give it all to goodwill just to get rid of it. All your box's (sic) are at the house. I told her to keep them with my things. Your close (sic) are gone to goodwill or something I had no control over that I'm sorry. Than (sic) I don't know what was stolen out of the Apt. I had the VCR, my tapes, my records, the keyboard, the typewriter and I don't know what else was taken from the Apt. My car was broken in to and the Radio and everything else that was in the car was taken.

About my checks no I don't get them here I don't need the tank (sic)(should read "bank") order for your money. Im (sic) just having money put on the books for you just like for me. I'm sorry I can't go $100 right now my checks are being stoped (sic) and I just don't have the money right now for that much. If I did you know you would have it.

About Roger I want nothing to do with him. All I know about him is what my laywer (sic) tells me. Bay (sic) the way he's not only doing this to you but he's doing this to me too.

Hear (sic) is what went on on that Sat. We picked up Roger got his prescription and Chris said he wanted something to eat. So thats when we got pizza and decided that we would get Wendi and you and go to the mall and look at Lights that night. Roger wanted to go out that night and I said no we were going to do something with the kids. To pass time until I good (sic) get Wendi we went out to watch the gliders and snakes. Chris thought that was a good idea. We where out there for awile and I said it was time to go. Chris was right behind me Roger behind him. I thought the gun was in the car I said no shooting with Christopher along.

Comment: This is evidence confirming Debra's claim that she found out JIM once took CHRIS shooting and told JIM never to let that happen again; STYERS was anxious to assure Debra that he had not disobeyed these instructions regarding CHRIS. But all facts unequivocally suggest that STYERS constructed this lie and the subsequent allegation that he and CHRIS had been at the Metro Center, solely in order to find an excuse toward the young mother.
But Roger had other plans. I have to stop now. Just Remember your (sic) not the only one thats out everything. I'm in jail also.
Comment: It's amazing but true, that this letter from JIM STYERS is actually the only hard evidence and confession that he had been at the murder-scene at all. No other factual evidence for that ever materialized. The story he had been telling Debra with this letter is at least a strong possibility of what has taken place, yet it is not the assignment of this website to question STYERS' guilt or innocence at all. Through various circumstances displayed on this website it can be considered proven that ROGER SCOTT shot CHRISTOPHER, in the presence - but unforeseeable - for JIM.

Love you. Jim"


"Dear Debbie,

Just had it arranged with my niece Sherri, (she is my power of attorney) to take out $100 from my checking account and put it on the books for you. I hope it will help you. I told you if I get it you will have it. I hope you get the $25 I sent already. I you get a radio get some extra batterys $1 will buy four batterys (sic) that last for a time. Let me know if you get the money please. Writing without a table sure isn't fun or neat.

Did you get any help out of what I wrote in the last letter? I don't want to write about it in this letter. I'm going to stop now, one more thing. Sherri is going to write to you. I told her your (sic) going to need close (sic) for court so she is going to help, if that's alright with you.

Miss you and love you, Jim"


"Dear Debbie,

Got your letter and very glad to get it. Your letters keep me going.

I'm very glad you get good counseling I wish I had _____________ . I talked to Dr. Pott________________ about 10 minutes one time and that's about it. I've got a tank (?) order in to see him some more.

I'm sorry about your family, but you still have me. I don't know if you think that's good or bad but it's true.

Did you get the money yet? $125 was sent to be put on the books for you. Let me know because if you haven't got it yet I need to find out where it is. My checks stoped (sic) because I didn't make it to the V.A. counseling.

My family knows that I didn't do anything and they back me all the way.

So Sandy's pregnant I hope it helps them and not hurt them. Have you got there (sic) address taht you can let me have. Yes I remember Keith next time you see him tell him I said hello.

I don't know what I will do when this is over for sure. I was thinking about getting out of Arizona but I'm not going anywhere until your trial is down (sic) and your (sic) out.

When is your trial? I don't know when mine is. I don't know if it will be in Prescott that's where my lawyer wants to go for it.

Your right about the apartment it was John + Paton. Mike we know they did but the law won't do anything because I'm incarcerated.

I'v (sic) got hold of Gail but she won't tell me about Wendi.

Love you, Jim"


"Dear Debbie,

I will try to answer your questions. I'm sorry I'm haven't answered them before but I don't have a lot of answers. All I got is hurt and pain from this whole thing.

Yes I remember the night Mark was 2 hours late. But I don't remember anything about it.

Honey, I hope you don't thing (sic) I'm lying to you, because you would be the last person I would lie to.

Now about Roger and his motive. I don't know for sure but I've been thinking about it. I think he done it out of jealousy that I was doing things with you and the kids and not going out with him. That he decided to get Chris to get at you and me. I think that if Wendi would have been there he would have done her in to (sic). He knows that would hurt us more than anything else he could _________ . He got us imuded (? - included?) to hurt us evean (sic) more. And to get him out of trouble for doing it himself.

After it happened with Roger and Chris I was in shock and scared and didn't know what to do. So I made a mistake out of fear and stupidity and want (sic) to the mall called you and you know the rest now I got to live with this mistake. I offer and hope you will accept my Apology for being so stupid and in sock (sic). I didn't mean to disappoint you but I was in shock myself and didn't know what I was doing. If you want to stay angry at me for it I understand because I angry with myself.

Comment: STYERS repeated his story as he did it already with his letter from 01/30. And - in fact - this version does make some sense considering the available records on ROGER SCOTT'S futile efforts to create a scenario where Debra Milke was involved (see "SALDATE'S report of his Interview with Roger Scott" and "Interview with Roger Scott (Transcript)".

And I'm not trying to keep things from you it's that sometimes I don't know what to say.

This is a hard letter to write because I'm thinking about Chris and it hurts.

I just talked to my neice (sic) about the money she going to send out more in the morning $125 to you and $100 to me.

The dog on the envelope was done by a man in hear (sic) with me.

Love you, Jim

P.S.: go to court on the 20th will let you know what happens"


"Dear Debbie,

were (sic) I'm at now is were (sic) Roger as (as) been. They moved him out to move me in. I don't know where he's at now. The people here talk about him. How he's afraid that we have someone out to get him. Better yet Roger talked to two guys in hear (sic) one he told 4 different stories about what went on. But the other said that Roger confessed to doing the shooting. And they will testify in court.

Comment: True. An inmate of the Maricopa County Jail, ROBERT E. JOHNSON, had spoken with ROGER SCOTT and JIM STYERS. In those talks, SCOTT would eventually admit to his guilt in shooting CHRISTOPHER MILKE; STYERS would maintain his innocence. JOHNSON was interviewed by TOM BUCKNER, investigator for the State Attorney's Office in June 1990, but that information wasn't used as a foundation for detailed investigations.

About your confession when you got arrested talk to your lawer (sic) about it. When your (sic) hysterical and in shock it's not allowable in court.

I hate Roger to (sic) in fact, I don't know what words that would be bad enough to use to say what I think of him.

Your benefits booklet is probably how he got his information but I never saw him look at it. I told him no for the $250 also. He needed it for his social security lawer.

Comment: Obviously Debra herself has had a lot of questions and suspicions on how the issue of a "life insurance policy" came into the picture. STYERS tried to reason how ROGER SCOTT could have had access to that benefit booklet and it would've been up to decent police investigations to question whether this would have been possible. This was never cleared up. Actually it must have been easy for anyone (both STYERS and SCOTT) since Debra was trusting STYERS and he would often baby-sit her son CHRISTOPHER, while she was at work during the day, and sometimes in the evening so she could go out with friends.

I went to another pretrial on the 20th but the only thing that happend out of it was it was postponed till March 5th. One think (sic) that keeps me going is you writing me as a matter of fact you and your letters are the main thing that keeps me going. When this gets over and we get out I hope and pray that we will still be close.

Im (sic) sorry about you being in jail for your birthday yes it does suck. And I think it sucks about Carmen and Ernie. I agree you don't need friends like that. I don't know when I go to trial but im (sic) ready. I want to get this done and over with. My lawyer is coming to see me next week I hope he can tell me something. My lawyer and yours, "Ken Ray" are working together. Yes I would like to see both of us testify at Rogers (sic) trial. I got extra charges too. It is crazy. Im glad you are getting along ok with the people over there Im___________

Love You. Jim"

Apartment complex where Jim Styers' lived
The place where Debra moved in with CHRISTOPHER
from August to December 1989


"Dear Debbie,

Well I got 2 letters yesterday and 1 today thats 3 letters at one time I love the reading.

I thought Mark and Roger had something going together for some time but don't know how to prove it. With the grace of God Mark might prove it himself. Yes I remember that day we went to court and the remark that you wasn't worth killing to get Chris. I think they believe you and I will take most all the punishment and Roger will get a little and they will be scott free. It's very possible that the house fire was done by Mark. I agree with you that Mark is digging his own grave. About the gun. I got the gun for Roger you saw it at our house. I took it that Sat to give it to him but when Chris and I got to his house he was in the outside and ready to go. So he didn't put the gun in the house. Roger needed to go to the 2 Drugstores than (sic) he wanted to spend the afternoon doing something. Chris and I were going to go to the mall but I ________________ Roger off and pick up Wendi and you and go to the mall that afternoon after 2 o'clock.

Comment: Even though this paragraph contains no new information, it raises some interesting issues. At first, according to her own testimony, Debra suspected her ex-husband MARK MILKE of having kidnapped their son, CHRISTOPHER, which is why she was confused and upset about police suspecting JIM. No matter how the observer feels about this, it's a fact that MARK MILKE made conflicting statements about JIM STYERS to police; one time "He said he knows JAMES and does not think he would be involved in any foul play", the other time (according to SALDATE'S report) he "... said he now believes that this was her way to cover for herself because she thought that MARK and CHRIS would probably not return and he believes that JIM took them to that area to kill them both." MARK also knew ROGER SCOTT better than he claimed (see the letter of 5/5, below). No hard evidence has ever linked MARK to CHRIS' death, but his inconsistent statements were never examined. Like all other details that did not fit with SALDATE'S supposition of what happened, the discrepancies in MARK'S statements, which truly concerned Debra and KENNETH RAY, were simply ignored in the investigation. Whatever appears likely, MARK MILKE should have been investigated - especially since he immediately suspected ROGER SCOTT in his first telephone talk with DETECTIVE DiMODICA on December 3rd - but DETECTIVE SALDATE never took this into consideration.

Im (sic) going crazy in hear (sic) we got 3 Homo's that are trying to be females long hair and nails lipstick and they try to sound like women. Each one as a boyfriend with more wanting them in here it's sick.

I haven't got in to Rule 11 yet that's what's holding up my court they won't get it going. Now I have to go to my 3rd pretrial on April 2. How about you what your next court time or don't you know. Thank you for telling me about the Rule 11.

I glad your (sic) going to Bible study and reading the Bible I go on Thurs nights and it helps. I'm also doing a Bible study by mail to (sic). Thank you for praying for me I need it. Yes Honey, I think we'll both make it. And I to feel like I've been f____ royally without a kiss also.

I'm not 100% sure about Mark involved but I think he should be a suspect. What do you mean when you say, "But we will see soon?" Something going on that I don't know about?

Comment: The remark "But we will see soon" was still based upon the belief of Debra in a decent justice system and that the entire thing would be cleared up. As we know from analyzing the pertinent records and documents, the overwhelming efforts of the prosecution to win this case at any cost (using fabrications, falsehoods, twisted statements and coerced witnesses) yielded not only an unfair trial and denied Debbie her due-process rights, but resulted in the death sentence in January 1991. In fact, a death sentence for each, ROGER SCOTT, JIM STYERS and Debra Milke.

Keep the Faith, Love you, Jim"


"Dear Debbie,

The way he went to Rogers (sic) house makes me feel that Mark and Roger did have something going together. I wished there was someway to prove it.

Comment: If this were true (SCOTT going to MARK MILKE'S house) the above mentioned suspicion is very reasonable. Later on, during an interview that Debra's defense attorney KENNETH RAY made with DETECTIVE SALDATE, SALDATE initially denied any knowledge of ROGER SCOTT and MARK MILKE knowing each other, even though his own report proved him wrong. He had already set his mind on how things must have taken place. Period. No other way this crime could have happened. SALDATE didn't look at - in fact, hid - any evidence that contradicted his own theory.

Im (sic) glad you are where you can get counseling that will help you to be stronger. I feel real bad that I can't be with you to help you.

It will be nice when the day comes get on T.V. to tell the truth about all this, and finally but (sic) Chris to rest with the news.

Roger confessed to a man named Robert Johnson I told my Lawyers Secretary. = can't get my Lawyer to tell him. Your Lawyer can get it from my lawyer. No one else is willing to talk in court.

Comment: As mentioned above, "debbiemilke.com" researched the pertinent documents and was able to obtain the interview of this individual, ROBERT JOHNSON. JOHNSON was interviewed by investigator TOM BUCKNER, on June 26, 1990. In that interview he confirmed that ROGER SCOTT had confessed to having shot CHRISTOPHER MILKE.

About names of people from my church. I will have to get a List of character witness. Your lawyer can talk to my Lawyer and the two of them can get the names of the people they interview. I will get a list and send it to you."


"Dear Debbie,

I had court today and my trial is set for July 11th. But my lawyer to Sherri and my sister that the date will be changed because the state is not ready.

Comment: And : if Debbie's trial would have taken place at that time, it would have most likely ended with an acquittal for her. During the month of June 1990, especially, Armando Saldate used unethical tactics to get untrue character assassination against Debra when he went up to Wyoming to interview her sister, SANDRA PICKINPAUGH. It was then that Debra's own DOC-dependent father (he was a guard at the Florence prison) acted like a second investigator and sought every incriminating item to implicate his oldest daughter.

The only thing they got on me is one of the letters I wrote you. The one telling them what happened out there. Then all that tells them is that I was there.

Comment: True, the letter he wrote on 01/30 is the only evidence for JIM STYERS being at the scene of the crime. But STYERS also didn't tell police that CHRISTOPHER MILKE was dead, and that point raised the serious suspicions against him.

Im a little scared of this whole damn thing but I think we will make it through. My lawyer still as got my trial out of the city yet but he's still trying. He's put in for it 3 times but they haven't said yes or no. My lawyer thinks that you might be using me to cover yourself to keep you from going to jail. He thinks you are covering yourself with my letters. I don't think you are. I think you just want to know what happened. Honey the gun belong to Roger I had given it to him that morning and I thought he left in the car. I don't know anything about them finding any bullet casings. I don't know anything about what Roger did with them. I had an old pair of tennis shoes in the car but they had nothing to do with anything and I thought they where still in the car. Well it's time for bed and they are going to shut us down so I will stop writing for now. I want a Pepsi too. Love you, Jim"

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